And so it goes........

It began back in the early 90s...with two small girls in tow and "Under the Tuscan Sun" in hand.  I loved what I was doing but it was not conducive to being the mother that I wanted to I left my career as a "big 8" CPA in San Francisco..with cash flow and security.. and traded it for one of risk and ah...not so much cash flow.

Our transition began in 1994, when I moved back home to the Napa raise my girls and find the inspiration to start the St. Helena Olive Oil Co.  We have had challenges along the way but have always stayed true to our core values of living an authentic life with deep connection to our ourselves, others and our planet. 

We have had many milestones over the years including the first in the U.S. to open the olive oil tasting room concept....production of orchard designated Napa Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the oldest Napa Valley red wine vinegar...and my favorite...the production of the first true American sparkling wine vinegar...made from a 10 year old Napa Valley sparkling wine.  Although it's fun to glance is in the present moment....and if we are distracted with what was we may miss the beauty in what is.

As most of you know, I've recently embarked on unexpected journey as I suffered a TBI in an accident in June.  We had to close our retail location to allow my body, mind and soul time to heal.   It's allowed me to go back into the heart of what we do....and connect closer to all of the above.  There has been a lot of hard work and seeds planted since June...tears have been sown...and although there is still healing to do...I'm ready to reap a little joy.

Join me in celebration of all its forms...break bread with those you love...drizzle on a little Napa Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil...add a dash of Grey Sea Salt...and finish it with some present moment.

Carpe Diem.

Peggy O'Kelly, Founder


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Revolutionary LOVE Day!

As with all of our travels, the story isn't so simple.  I was excited to be on the road again with the girls but the thought of going into Mexico and enjoying its land and its people did not seem fair.   As I sat with my unease I saw the obstacle...and then reminded myself of who I was...and the message to send to the girls....and all became clear.   We would go...but we would go with an Olive Branch..and a collective light...from our community.

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The Founders Club

Sequestered in my home in the last week of amazing rainfall has given me ample time to think about my new mini venture... The Founders Club.
As many of you know, I loved creating my store... 

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Our Napa Valley Harvest Begins!

I was happy that the olives got to bask in the largest Supermoon we've had all year...and a moon that is closer to the Earth then it will be again until 2034!

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