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Grower Profile | Guido Gualandi

Grower Profile | Guido Gualandi


In the rolling countryside of the Montespertoli region of Tuscany resides Guido Gualandi - archaeologist, painter, professor and producer of organic wine & extra virgin olive oil.

After years in the field studying Mesopotamian art and ancient Mediterranean agriculture, Guido established his podere* outside of Florence with a resolute intention - to produce wine and extra virgin olive oil in accordance with the history beneath his feet. Using organic farming methods and 90% renewable energy sources, Guido tends to his 450 olive trees and hectares of vines, hand-picking both alongside friends and family at harvest each year.

*podere: farm


Podere Gualandi spans three properties of half a century old olive trees. Each contains a distinct soil type. The sandy, round pebbles of a prehistoric sea shore on one property provide the trees with more minerals and less nutrients, resulting in an elegant, refined oil. The clay and fossils of a former ocean bottom on another property provide more nutrients, resulting in a richer, sweeter oil.

Podere Gualandi EVOO is a result of this diverse terrain, Guido's respect for nature and his dedication to quality. It is a true Tuscan oil - bright, grassy and to be enjoyed generously.

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