From Earth to Bottle

This is the time of year that I fall in love all over again.  The energy of the trees fills the orchard with a's as if they know that they have done well...and are excited to give healing, light, sustenance and peace.  As I walk through the fields...EVERY year....I can't help but feel reverence...and absorb their strength and feel their peace.   It's  not unusual for tears to fill my eyes as I thank them for the rich life they have provided my girls and I....all of you....and mankind since the beginning of time.  We are simply a steward....and give all credit to the the four directions....and these magnificent olive trees that never stop giving.
January 01, 2016 by Peggy OKelly
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Connie Bannon

Connie Bannon said:

Hi Peggy,
Your new site is beautifully photographed. I could almost taste the pure crushed olives being bottled.

So happy to know I can still order my favorites AND more!

Best Wishes,
Connie Bannon
New York

Gina Jordan

Gina Jordan said:

This is a beautiful paean to the olive tree and to our enjoyment of their gifts to us. I am most happy about your continued love and passion for your chosen “field”, and obviously, no accident could have taken your life’s work from someone as strong in life and in belief in the good you are doing for others! As long time clients, we get to share your energy and your passion in every product. Best wishes for a happy and successful harvest and welcome back to what makes life worth living: work, your BIG family (including your clients!) , and giving to others.

Diana Diaz

Diana Diaz said:

This is gorgeous. I happened upon St. Helena Olive Oil Co. while touring Napa Valley back in 2004. I needed a break from wine tasting (I’m a light weight) and was ecstatic to find your olive oil tasting. I brought some home to NYC and my daughter, then 9 years old, became an instant olive oil lover. At 21, she brings me olive oils from all of her travels, something you’ve inspired with your lemon infusion. Thank you for sharing your process, your passion, and your life with us! We’ll see you when we go west this year.

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