Our Napa Valley Harvest Begins!

I was happy that the olives got to bask in the largest Supermoon we've had all year...and a moon that is closer to the Earth then it will be again until 2034!  All of that powerful energy packed into these small olives...this will be an Extra Virgin to remember!  
The day started out our typical dog walk up to the top of our hill.  As we approached the top I could see the sun shining through the trees and much to my surprise a balloon in the distance.  I stood in awe of the beauty...knowing that today was going to be a great day.
We headed up to the Wallis Estate after the walk.  After twenty years I am still taken about every time I step out of the truck and into "harvest".  There is an excitement in the air...as if the trees know their work is almost done...and it's time to gift their abundance...so they can rest.    
After a few minutes of getting updates, checking olives and immersing myself in the activity,  I took a walk down the path to check on the trees that stood alone.  As I was doing a walking meditation I heard a squawk...I looked up to see a Raven landing on a branch close to me.  Side note....I've done some Shamanic work as part of my healing this past year and I was shown that the Raven is my spirit animal...indigenous people believe that our Spirit Animal gives us our power and is critical in times of healing.   No matter what the reason i know I receive a great sense of calm when the Raven is around...so he/she was a welcome site!
After the Raven flew away I headed back to the activity.  I'm always amazed at the hard work of the people picking.  Picking olives is glamorous for about the first 5 minutes....then it is a labor of love.  Today's pick was no exception because there was risk of fruit fly so pickers had to be extra careful in examination of the olives...as pierced olives could effect the quality of the oil...and if over 10% could be rejected in entirety at the press.
The olives will be making their way to the press soon...we always make sure our olives are pressed within 24 hours but usually within hours of their arrival at the press.  This ensures no anaerobic fermentation will take place and we give the olives their best shot in producing their highest quality elixir.  
We are excited to welcome the Wallis Family Estate to our portfolio of growers this year.  The Estate is on the world famous wine growing area of Diamond Mountain...so we are excited to see what the olives will bring!
Numbers aren't in yet but I'm guessing we bring in about 800 lbs...and yield about 8.5 gallons....stay tuned!
November 14, 2016 by Bold Apps
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Darlene said:

Beautiful pictures! Nature is simply stunning. During this advent season and the coming new year I wish for you good health! Your products have been on my table for years as I have followed your journey – inspirational!

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