The Founders Club

Sequestered in my home in the last week of amazing rainfall has given me ample time to think about my new mini venture... The Founders Club

As many of you know, I loved creating my store experiences.  It was a highlight of my business.  I miss it...and you have let me know that you do too.  So...what to do??  Believe it or not, my brain is still healing.  The left side is being stubborn and that's the "get it done" side so I have to be very careful about how I rebuild.  I refuse to be resentful of this oh so slow process because it's a part of ME that is injured..and if I don't take care of it then I'm neglecting sad would that be?!  And where would that get me?  Nowhere I would want to I have taken on a new middle name..."work around".   

The holidays were my inspiration.  My favorite thing is finding really special things for my girls that I can either put together or that I've found from unknown producers.  I've noticed over the years that although they love the gifts that come from their lists...their eyes light up when they unwrap one of the "unknowns" of the gifts that I had to really search for...or discovered...that was really thoughtful...those are the ones that create the most excitement. 

As I was creating these gifts this year I had a longing for my the process of creating and maintaining a store is much the same.  Knowing it wasn't in the cards yet I started to think about how I could create an experience that I could manage...and voila...The Founders Club was born!   

 The club shipments will include...wait...that's the magic...the shipment will have a different theme each quarter..and be centered around our production...the rest is a surprise!  The first shipment is on January 31 and it is time to release our new Napa Valley Olio Nuovo...hmmm.... 

The Founders Club will be $100 per shipment and that includes a 15% discount on the product and free shipping!  If you purchase an annual membership upfront you receive another 10% discount!  You can also direct each shipment to different addresses if you want to regift them.   There is a lot of flexibility and once a member,  you will control it all within your account on  

You can find out more detailed information and sign up for The Founders Club HERE.  

Membership will be limited so I can maintain the quality of the experience.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at  I look forward to sharing this experience with you!

In gratitude,




March 08, 2017 by Margaret OKelly
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Barbara Rogers

Barbara Rogers said:

Dear Peggy – My husband & I are here in Napa primarily to purchase your most delicious balsamic vinegar!! Sadly we couldn’t find you only to read your blog and find out about your tragedy. Over the last 12 years we have given your olive oil & aged balsamic to our nearest & dearest. We just delivered our last bottle of balsamic vinegar for a B’day gift and thus came up to Napa to replenish our supply! Do you have a place where we can purchase it- it’s our “drug” of choice!! Speedy recovery and best wishes for you and your girls – Barbara Rogers

Gina Purzitza

Gina Purzitza said:

We have been biting ever since our visit to your shop in St. Helena in 2011. The traditional balsamic and the evoo nuavo is our favorite. I live a pungent cloudy evoo too. Oh and basil evoo too!! Ok we have many favorites! I’m excited to be a part of the founders club! Bring on the surprises! Btw is Aprile ever coming back!

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