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PREORDER Olio Nuovo ~ Double H Ranch

Preorders will ship starting the first week of December.


Our first press of the season, Double H Ranch olio nuovo is a blend of Italian & Spanish olives from the Harter's property in Oakville. Our family first partnered with the Harter's nearly a decade ago to produce Double H Ranch EVOO, and we're so honored to initiate the new season with their beautiful oil!

Olio nuovo, "new oil," is traditionally shared amongst family and friends at the start of each olive season. Bottled directly after harvest at the pinnacle of freshness, olio nuovo contains high levels of polyphenols and bold, grassy flavor.

Harvested and pressed on October 31st, our Double H Ranch olio nuovo is a true testament to this tradition. We hope you enjoy!

Due to the presence of sediment and fruit particles from the pick, olio nuovo is meant to be consumed within 3 months.

Varietals: Italian | Spanish
Appellation: Oakville
Harvest & Press Date: Oct 2021