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Florence Vinaigrette

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As our life unfolded in Florence, I finally came to the realization that my insalata verde would most likely always show up undressed...with no option for cover except for that which stood at attention on almost every table...extra virgin olive oil and vinegar...usually red wine vinegar.  At first, I struggled with the disappointment until suddenly I realized....I had judged my salad by the dressing it wore...not by the green that it was. 

Florence taught me to love, not only the nuances of the different oils and vinegars, but the greens themselves.  She revealed the power of simplicity when using quality ingredients..and inspired me to create this gift you can feel the same.

Savor the nuances of the ingredients and feel the power of the planet.

1 - Stagecoach Napa Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
1 - Local Red Wine Vinegar 
1 - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 
1 - Organic Grey Sea Salt
1 - Whole Black Peppercorns