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Viña Esperanza Napa Valley


After two weeks of start and stop picks to avoid the rain, mornings in work boots and sweaters and beanies, and countless hours coordinating changes with the press and harvest crews, our 2021 harvest came to a close on a new beginning. Our first harvest of Viña Esperanza. 

This new-to-us orchard is located on Bennet Lane, just north of our home in Calistoga. Last spring, Emily was riding her bike and noticed a small pruning team tending to a row of young olive trees that lined the road. She stopped off to chat with Druseley, the pruning lead, and so the seed was planted for the 2021 harvest. Since that day we've spent a few afternoons in the orchard with Druseley and with the DeKoven's, the owners of Viña Esperanza, watching as the trees completed their annual cycle from bloom to fruit set through to our first harvest. The result is our biggest oil from the 2021 harvest ~ vibrant, green and bright.

Varietal(s): Italian and Spanish
Appellation: Calistoga
Harvest & Press Date: Nov 8 & 10, 2021

Our olives are all harvested and milled on the same day to produce high quality extra virgin olive oils. We recommend storing our oils in a dark, cool location and using within 2 years of harvest date.