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Cask 85 NV Red Wine Vinegar

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Billed as the oldest red wine vinegar in the U.S., our Cask 85 is made from 100% Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1985 (hence the name), the wine was inoculated with a “mother culture” (the bacteria necessary for converting alcohol to acetic acid) that had been brought to California by a family of Italian immigrants. Like a fine wine, the vinegar has since been aging in oak barrels.

Cask 85 is a tart, beautifully complex vinegar that is brown in color and has taken on toasty, vanilla notes imparted by barrel-aging. It is one of our favorites for use in a vinaigrette, and delicate enough to be drizzled sparingly alone over sautéed greens. A spoonful is all you would need to sharpen a homemade pasta sauce.



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