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OKelly Vinaigrette Set

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This has been a family favorite since the kids..and the business...were little.  The fondness not only comes from the flavors but also from the energy of the combination.  These are our original products....each with their own story...and memories.  

To create our vinaigrette, we use 2/3 Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil to 1/3 Cask 85 Napa Valley Red Wine Vinegar and finish with a pinch of organic grey salt and fresh cracked pepper.

It's a perfect complement to farmers market greens or drizzled over steamed vegetables....

1 - Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
1 - Cask 85 Napa Valley Red Wine Vinegar 
1 - Organic Grey Sea Salt
1 - Whole Black Peppercorns