Stagecoach ITALIAN Napa Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$ 12.00

Known today for providing grapes to some of California's top wineries, Stagecoach Vineyard is located in the southeastern hills of Napa Valley. The property had been successfully farmed throughout the 1800s, but fell fallow in the early 1900s after a growing deer population resulted in extensive crop loss.

In 1995, Dr. Jan Krupp, whom Peggy met through a mutual winemaking friend, began redeveloping Stagecoach Vineyard, and eventually planted olive trees on the property as companions to the grapevines. Along with the Spanish varietals Arbequina and Mission, Krupp also grows a mix of Italian varietals -- including Pendolino, Frantoio and Leccino -- that are blended with Mission for this olive oil.