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Wallace Family Napa Valley EVOO

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Excited to announce another new grower this year...the Wallace Family.  This oil is produced from a blend of Spanish varietals grown on the infamous grape growing hillsides of Diamond Mountain in Calistoga.

The oil is very soft and buttery with a slight pungent finish.

UNFILTERED so you may see sediment in the bottle.  It's okay to eat or you can strain it out as well.  

Total Production : 11 gallons


To give you an idea of the differences in the oils, we have done a light up from the softest style oil to the biggest.  

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is evaluated by smell and taste only.  They are evaluated by the three positive characteristics which are fruitiness, bitterness and pungency.  Fruitiness can vary in descriptors from artichokes to bananas to grass; Bitterness makes you grimace; Pungency is the burn in the throat.  

Studies have shown that pungency equates to the level of polyphenols.  The bigger the burn, the higher the antioxidants.

The evaluation is done by tasting the olive oil alone much like the flavors are all more intense then when used with food.  


CA Italian EVOO -  buttery with slight pungency

Stagecoach Italian EVOO - a slightly bigger version then CA Italian EVOO.

Lot 2 Napa Valley EVOO - soft grassiness, slightly pungent.

Wallace Family Napa Valley EVOO - Soft grassiness in nose and taste.  Light bitterness and pungency.

Field Blend Napa Valley EVOO - Big alfalfa and grassinesss in the nose.  Soft balance of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency.

Lot 1 Napa Valley EVOO - This is our biggest oil this year.  It is a good representation of what an oil from Tuscany is all's robust in the nose and taste.  It's a strong combination of bitterness and fruitiness with a slight pungent finish.